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Constantly varied, functional fitness, peformed at high intensity. We are CrossFit. We take weightlifting, cardiovascular and body-weight movements and mix them together in varied ways that get results.

We believe we LIVE BETTER TOGETHER. We live better in accountability, conversation, diversity, and by having fun. Join us to live better, reach your goals, and accomplish new things.

Our classes are small group, 1-hour long, and instructor led. We have morning and evening classes to better fit your schedule. Head over to our schedule page to see our exact times.

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The Facility

We occupy a 4,000 sq/ft facility with multiple bathrooms, a shower, a kids space, and a lounge/lobby space.

Our space allows for ample athletes to workout in the same class while maintaining plenty of personal space.

  • 1,000 sq/ft lobby/lounge
  • Kids room
  • Shower
  • 3,000 sq/ft workout space


We believe in not only reaching our goals, but creating relationships along the way. 

Whether you are a competitive athlete, stay-at-home mom, grandparent or anywhere in between we are here to support your goals.

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